The Worst Super-Smash Bros Characters of all-time 

I usually do not cover video games, but i’ve had this list in my head for a long time and i thought i share it with my followers and any other people who are interested. Here is, in my opinion, the worst Super-Smash Bros characters of all-time. (Note: I will not be covering brawl specials from SSB Brawl. Maybe another time i will).

First, i am going to look at the original Super Smash Bros game for the Nintendo 64. This means i will be picking out the worst original characters of all-time, considering that all these characters have been in every Super Smash Bros game. Let’s get started.

1. Donkey Kong - It was no shortage of an idea to add DK, the beloved ape where his own game for the N64 was gaining massive popularity, into the first Super Smash Bros game. A simple idea of course, but his character was poorly executed. DK relies on brutal strength alone from his head all the way down to his feet. He has no weapons, like guns, swords, etc. and even has poor health (thats what ive seem to noticed anyways). On top of all this, his special attacks suck, he’s very slow, and he’s a poor jumper. Unfortunately the other SSB games didn’t make DK any better at all. The big ape is not a very playable character in any of the games. He’s powerful but lacks in too many other areas to be used regularly.

2. Samus Aran - I was not very familiar with Samus when i first started playing this game mostly because her games were all released for Super Nintendo and the Gameboy and not really for the N64. It also took me forever to realize that Samus was a girl. I apologize. At first, i always picked Samus for this game, she’s very versatile and surprisingly quick and i was attracted by that big electrical ball attack. I realized later on though that Samus is a weak character. You need to use her array of combo attacks to get the enemy to a lot of damage but then she doesn’t have many finishing attacks which is a red flag. Her charged beam gets worst as the series progressed and her other special attacks flat-out suck. She lacks in powerful moves, bummer. I do not despise Samus, but she’s no where close of being one of the best characters in the game.

3. Luigi - Luigi is one of the most frustrating characters in SSB history. There was no doubt he was going to be included into these games, but why make him so hard to unlock? Going for the extra mile to unlock him is only worth it for the original game as he is somewhat powerful. Luigi is probably one of the most difficult characters to use. Nobody has the time or patience to make Luigi their favorite character. I find that the next two games made him even worse and virtually unplayable. Luigi’s complexity is a major red-flag and he serves little to no purpose of being a playable character. Not worth the time or effort.

4. Jigglypuff - I almost didn’t include Jigglypuff onto this list because i think she’s a playable character, and powerful for Melee and Brawl. But for what she is on the original game, she sucks. She’s the first character you unlock, just beat the campaign thats all you have to do, and you get her. They made Jigglypuff similar to Kirby but she has no weapons and very bizarre special moves. Not to much to say, but Jigglypuff’s appealing value is low and the concept of making her a playable character was a little redundant. Especially including her in every SSB game. There’s no official list as far as I’m concerned but i am guessing she’s near the bottom of the list for “total times used”.


1. Peach - Another redundant character idea and the fact that there is already a lot of Mario-like characters in this game, adding Peach to the game increased the female population but otherwise it doesn’t make much sense why she was included in. I mean, does anyone like Peach in general? Peach is kind of fun to experiment with because of her strange special moves but she has little to offer in the power category and no one feels intimidated when you get garlic thrown at you.  I like Peaches style of fighting rather more than i like her, but with a zero appealing factor, there’s not much to look forward to here.

I am not crazy about most of the secret characters in this game. With some being REALLY good, the other half were really BAD. I am going to go over the really bad ones.

1. Dr. Mario - Like i said about Peach, including another Mario-like character was getting out of hand. He’s basically the first secret character you unlock but honestly he’s just Mario with a few tweaks and he looks like a Doctor. His moves are very similar to Mario’s, so as his playing style and that’s all that can be said. Just the fact alone that the game designers couldn’t come up with a more intriguing character is what doesn’t make sense here. Why Dr.Mario? He’s easy to use, but boring at the same time. Dumb idea.

2. Falco - I’m not going to get much sympathy for putting Falco on this list but i will explain my reasons. Falco is obviously a lot similar to Fox but the idea was to make Falco a lot stronger and made for more skilled gamers. Falco is stronger, in areas, but he overall lacks in speed and the designers made tweaks to make his special moves a tad different then Fox’s. An example is both of them have reflecting shields, Fox’s shield is simply he holds it to his chest and can reflect anything thrown at him but Falco has to kick his shield making it a lot harder to use for what reason? I don’t know what they were getting at there. For the record, Falco is not terrible but lets compare him to Fox and Wolf who are all very similar in playing styles and Falco is the worst.

3. Pichu - Well if you didn’t think Pikachu was annoying enough Super Smash Bros Melee decided to included Pichu, basically a smaller version of Pikachu. What a great idea. Pichu is a little bit less powerful then her fat friend but performances combo attacks a bit better. That aside, these two are extremely similar and Pichu was a very uncreative idea. This is another character that fell in “not used often” category. Fortunately, Pichu only lasted lasted through Melee and wasn’t included in Brawl. *phew*. 

4. Ganondorf - The big nasty-ass of a boss from the Zelda games making an appearance in a SSB game? Fucking right! I was sure excited. But what we got was a character who was a mirror of Capt.Falcon but, once again, a lot stronger but VERY SLOW. Its not like Falcon wasn’t strong enough and he had a speed advantage so why make Ganondorf so similar? Ganondorf is probably one of the strongest characters in SSB history and he can take a lot of damage but so physically bad on his feet and jump; he will only frustrate the shit out of you. You will need some extreme patience here.

Yea, thats it. After looking over the Brawl list a few times, i couldn’t find any characters presented in that game that i found particularly bad. I will be making future SSB lists covering other aspects of the game(s). Stay tuned.